A NEWTON Abbot skatepark has a newly-crowned national champion among its ranks in the form of an 11-year-old skateboarding star.

Roxana Howlett has become one of the youngest competitiors to win the title of Women’s Street Champion at Skateboard GB National Championships.

She clinched the title at Graystone Action Sports Academy in Manchester last weekend.

At six years old Roxana took the decision to turn up at the Lodge Indoor Skatepark in Newton Abbot for the first time, wanting to take up skateboarding as a hobby.

She began attending regular coaching sessions and soon started to impress all the skaters and instructors with her skill, attitude and commitment.

Little did she or anyone know that when she started her journey with The Lodge, it was a decision would turn into a life changing opportunity like no other.

She practiced hard and showed true dedication to her sport, to exceed her own expectations and become a national champion and an inspirational role model to young girls worldwide.

All the instructors, volunteers and fellow skateboarders at The Lodge Indoor Skatepark are very proud of Roxy and all of her achievements.

She is an extraordinary talent and so young to achieve such a height in the world of skateboarding.

Roxana’s mum, Emma Franklin, said: ‘I’m extremely proud of her. She’s so dedicated to her skateboarding and is so humble about it.’

And Roxana added: ‘I was really surprised I won. There were so many other good skaters there. It was great to be back at a skate event.

‘A big thank you to all my sponsors who always support and encourage me, thanks to my mum who drives me everywhere.

‘Thanks to The Lodge indoor skatepark for letting me practice there, and a big up to all my skate mates who hype me up for competitions.’

James Hope-Gill from Skateboard GB said: ‘Roxana is an extraordinary young skateboarder with a bright future in the sport and it was great to see her win. She skated really well and I look forward to seeing her develop even more in the future.’

Skateboard GB National Champion for Women’s Street Results:

1 Roxana Howlett, 10.64pts

2 Lucy Adams, 10.45pts

3 Freya Brooks, 9.19pts