A NURSERY in Kingsteignton has told parents it is to close within a month.

The Serendipity Nursery at Oakymead Park, emailed parents to inform them of the decision to shut.

Opened in 2003, the purpose- built Newton Road nursery has looked after children from the age of three months.

Concerned parents have expressed their fears about what may have prompted the closure. An Ofsted report earlier this year required the nursery to instigate changes.

Inspectors found it needed to make improvements and a repeat visit a few weeks later said the issues had been addressed.

The Mid Devon Advertiser contacted the owner Jackie Chard who said: ‘It is a really upsetting time.

‘No one wanted anything like this to happen, especially me, but we wanted to be kind to everyone.

‘I loved it and it is a real shame.’

Parents took to social media to ask what was happening as some had received emails to say the nursery was closing.

A February Ofsted visit found the nursery was not meeting some of its requirements. Following the visit, it was served with a welfare requirements notice, a legal notice which means the provider has to take specific actions with a specified time.

At that time, these requirements included carrying out effective risk assessments to ensure children’s indoor and outdoor play areas were safe, secure and suitable and to ensure staff were deployed effectively to ‘engage in quality interactions with children’ and supervise them appropriately.

Inspectors had highlighted safeguarding issues but a repeat visit found ‘the provider has taken steps to ensure the setting is safe, secure and suitable’.

Ofsted said: ‘Staff ensure the main door into the setting is shut securely each time it is opened or closed.

‘Hazards have been removed from the children’s indoor and outdoor environment and effective risk assessments are now in place.

‘Staff are now deployed effectively in the setting.’

The Serendipity website is still active.