A NEW temporary home has been set up for the Black Swan population in Dawlish which has been named Quackingham Palace. 

The structure was erected, next to the existing aviary, by the town council’s waterfowl wardens in case it is needed over the coming weeks as the latest eggs are beginning to hatch. 

Visitors have been asked to keep their distance from the new brood as they are hatching. 

One of the eggs, which was laid by the old Post Office site, has hatched but it is unclear whether a second egg will now hatch.

A waterfowl warden spokesman said the four youngest black swans in the aviary have gone to a temporary home and will return in a few months. 

The spokesman explained: ‘The aim is to build increased numbers once the cygnets are grown so that dad Bert will not be able to bully a larger number. 

‘This is following advice received after a recent visit from the British Waterfowl Association. 

‘A temporary aviary structure has been erected on the grass area next to the main aviary in case it is needed due to the two nesting pairs. 

‘It will temporarily house swans or cygnets if there are issues with nesting pairs. It may not be needed but it is a plan B with wardens assessing on a daily basis.

Quackingham Palace being erected in Dawlish
Quackingham Palace being erected in Dawlish (MDA Dawlish Town Council )

‘We ask everyone to keep their distance from the new cygnets and swans and respect all the waterfowl on the Brook.’