A TEIGNMOUTH church is appealing for help to trace families who contributed to providing kneelers.

Alterations are planned to the interior of St James Church to make the building more accessible and suitable for increased community use.

But while the church leaders will ensure it retains it purpose as a Christian church, it will no longer require all the kneelers it currently has.

The kneelers have been lovingly created over many years to provide comfort for congregations.

A church spokesman explained: ‘Back in 1980 the Revd Arthur Rose requested the assistance of Doris Rose and her team of ladies to create tapestry kneelers for use at St James Church. Many families from across Teignmouth responded to this, and the church was blessed over many years by having them.

‘Now in 2023, the work, which includes reseating the nave, will result in fewer seats in regular use and due to this there is now a surplus of kneelers.

‘Rather than simply destroying any surplus kneelers, the Church council would like to invite any of the families who contributed to the 1980 project, to reclaim their family kneelers.

‘Some have already done so, and now the Church would like to extend the invitation to other members of the community, who have, or have had, an association with St James Parish Church in the past.

‘Any kneelers that are not claimed will be stored, until it is known exactly how many will be required for the reseated church.’

Contact Hayley at the Halden Mission on 07494 222848 or email [email protected].