AT a recent meeting, Buckfastleigh Town Council received a proposal from a representative of the electorate for a poll to be called with regards to the council raising the precept, which forms part of the total Council Tax for Buckfastleigh, from 2023/24 to fund a grant application submitted by Victoria Park and Swimming Pool for £65,000 per annum for a period of four years.

At the Parish Meeting, which was held on Wednesday, September 28, 10 electors of the parish requested that a parish poll be held; the matter was discussed by the 38 local government electors present at the meeting and the following question was put to the vote.

‘Do you support an increase in the Town Council precept by an estimated 77p per household per week in order to keep Victoria Park and swimming pool open from 2023 onwards?’

The motion was carried by 24 votes for the question abovementioned to be put to a parish poll.

The date of the poll, which will be facilitated by Teignbridge District Council, is Thursday, October 27; The poll will take place in the Town Hall between the hours of 4pm and 9pm.

Th result of the poll is not legally binding but the Town Council will refer to it when setting the budget for 2023/24 this autumn.