A CELEBRATION is being held at Buckfast Abbey for the man who could be England’s next saint.

John Bradburne held Buckfast Abbey as a special place in his heart, as this was where he converted to Catholicism.

The John Bradburne Memorial Society will host an event at Buckfast Abbey on Saturday, June 10, at noon, to commemorate what would have been his 102nd birthday.

The society says the cause for Beatification for Bradburne is now in full swing and he is could become England’s next Saint.

Kate Macpherson, secretary of the John Bradburne Memorial Society, says: ‘This is a rare opportunity to learn about Bradburne’s Saintly life and meet the people making this happen.’

The John Bradburne Memorial Society was founded as a charity in England in 1995 to support the Mutemwa Care Centre in Zimbabwe.

It was set up in honour of its late warden, John Bradburne who spent the last 10 years of his life from 1969 to 1979 caring for the leprosy patients of Mutemwa.

The society continues to support the Mutemwa Care Centre, while also spreading information about Bradburne’s ‘saintly life’ and life prolific writings.

A spokesperson said: ‘The donations we raise go towards the basic running expenses, salaries of workers, additional food and medication required by the Mutemwa community. Brother Raymond who is lay Franciscan is the administrator for Mutemwa, whilst Father Linous is in charge of the spiritual well being of the entire community at Mutemwa.’

This ticketed event will involve a Mass, lunch, talks, music and an exhibition.

‘We are delighted,’ said the Abbot David Charlesworth OSB, ‘to be able to host this event and we look forward to seeing as many people as possible.’

This is a ticketed event so if you would like to attend, contact JBMS: 07979 187498 or [email protected]

Tickets are available on the JBMS website www.johnbradburne.com