PORTIONS of invisible chips bought by generous diners at The Moorland Hotel at Haytor have helped hotel owners, The Coaching Inn Group, raise thousands of pounds for Hospitality Action. 

Diners choosing the ‘dish’ are making a £2 donation to the catering industry charity, which is there to support anyone working in the hotels and catering industry in their time of need. 

The group, which has grown in recent years, now owns 32 hotels and inns in market towns right across the country and this year’s invisible chips donations made by big hearted diners have now reached a record £13,000. 

Group Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Charity, said the group’s whole ethos was based around providing ‘hospitality from the heart’ for all the market town communities it served. 

“So, thanks to our core base of generous hearted community customers and our many hotel guests we have now been able to donate £29,000 to Hospitality Action over the past three years,” he said. 

Founded back in 1837 the charity offers time of need support to all those whether working in hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, schools, hospitals, or event venues. 

Moorland Hotel general manager Elizabeth Frediani is pictured with the restaurant menu, pointing to the Invisible Chips item.