A LUCKY puppy escaped grave danger after falling 200ft down a quarry over the weekend.

Ted, a 15-month border terrier, had been missing since last Sunday (OCT 7) but was spotted at the bottom of Larcombe Quarry on Friday (OCT 14) afternoon.

Firefighters from Buckfastleigh and a special rescue team from Barnstaple rushed to the incident at Diptford just after 1.30pm

Crews decided the best way to retrieve the pooch was to abseil into the quarry and scoop him out.

A fire spokesman said: ‘The rescue team made short work of the 200ft decent into the quarry and made contact with Ted – who was a little scared at first.

‘After a short while Ted’s trust was gained and he was donned with a special dog harness and placed into the climbers pack.

‘With his little head poking out of the top of the bag, Ted and his rescuer made the exhausting climb back to the top.

‘He was quickly passed back to his family and Ted received lots of hugs and kisses from his owners and was glad of a drink and some food.’

The owners of Ted were thanked for remaining calm throughout the ordeal and plying the firefighters with tea and coffee.

Little Ted escaped unharmed.