New research has revealed that these eight features could devalue your house price by more than £50,000. 

The research, from estate agent Yopa, analysed a variety of property features and calculated how much they could affect the selling price of a home 

Yopa has shared the eight key aspects to consider when thinking about putting your home on the market. 

The research revealed that the biggest thing that could devalue your home is a swimming pool - which may initially seem like a plus, but causes upkeep costs for the new owners. 

property features
Swimming pools can have the biggest impact on a home's price. (Adheesha Paranagama on Unsplash)

This means that a swimming pool could devalue a property by up to 19.6 per cent, which is equivalent to £55,850 based on the current average UK house price of £284,950. 

Next on the list of things that buyers do not want is an unpainted pebbledash exterior, which is considered “dated”, and could reduce a home’s value by 10 per cent (£28,495). 

The outdoor space of a property is a recurring theme in the research, with a lack of lawn space affecting a house’s value by a potential £6,000 - but less than the inclusion of artificial grass, which can knock prices down by an average of £14,817. 

property features
Artificial grass can be off-putting for potential buyers. (Petar Tonchev on Unsplash)

The direction a garden faces also impacts the price, with north-facing gardens bringing in £5,530 less than south-facing gardens. 

A lack of parking could reduce your property’s value by £19,377, and a pond could devalue a house by £5,263, due to maintenance and the potential of attracting rodents. 

Finally, moving indoors, removing the bath in the family bathroom could result in a reduction of £5,699.

property features
Removing a bath from your home could reduce its value. (MK S on Unsplash)

Verona Frankish, CEO of Yopa,  commented: “No one homebuyer is the same and so there may be some features that deter one and not the others, such as a lack of parking, no lawn, or a north facing garden.

"These are generally features that can’t be changed and so sellers just have to be patient in these instances. 

“However, some things can be avoided to help boost the appeal of your property in the current market.

"While a swimming pool or pond may seem like a great addition to your outdoor space, they can be a serious deterrent for those who think differently. Particularly in the current market and with the high cost of living, buyers will be put off by property features that require additional budget to maintain.

"It may not necessarily deter them from making an offer, but it’s sure to result in them submitting a lower offer than you might expect.”