'Since joining the Town Council in May 2021, I have become a member of all Council Committees.

Being just 21, I acknowledge I have much to learn and experience to gain.

Therefore, I wanted to ensure I am involved in all Council business so that I am in a better position to give my fullest to the community and best represent you.

I stood as a candidate for Town Council so I could help make positive changes in people’s lives, to be a voice for those who often feel like they aren’t being listened to. This brings me perfectly on to my most recent decision to leave the Conservative Party and join the South Devon Alliance.

What matters to you? I have found when speaking to residents, people will openly discuss local issues and it’s nice to listen and act upon it.

The majority of local residents and business are opposed to the plans by Teignbridge District Council which will see the pedestrianisation of Queen Street. People did not want to see The Alexandra Theatre gutted.

Do you feel like Teignbridge District Council, The Liberal Democrat Party and The Conservative Party are listening to you and acting on your behalf?

I don’t and I firmly believe the South Devon Alliance are already representing you on local issues and not bound by party politics. They are standing up to political bullies. 

I can’t promise to wave a magic wand but I can promise is that I will listen to you and put forward your thoughts and concerns.  Please do contact me to discuss your ideas or issues and I will do all I can to raise these for you. 

You can email me [email protected] or simply give me a ring on 07730 047647.  Look out for the South Devon Alliance stand in Newton Abbot Town Centre coming soon, where you can meet me face to face.