MAKE sure you vote on Thursday, in the local elections.

Who will get your vote in the Teignmouth Central Ward of Teignbridge Council, where two candidates will be your next councillors?

Here's some information on each of the candidates:


RETIRED local government officer with four years wide experience in all aspects of the town council operation as a Central Ward councillor. 

100% attendance record at all committees, including Chair of both Finance and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group,  and reputation for honesty, sharing accurate information, plain speaking and getting things done.  

Keen now to extend this into the District Council process and provide a strong and decisive voice at the table for Teignmouth, ensuring information is readily shared locally with the public – to which end created and produced the Town Council’s WAVELENGTH quarterly newsletter  and acted as conduit for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and local police plus the Chamber of Trade and Commerce. 


RECENTLY retired and living in Teignmouth, I am keen to better understand some of the opportunities and challenges for local people. 

I’m similarly interested to help local businesses grow and develop, for the benefit of the community. 

If successful, I’ll ensure they have someone to listen to them, and support real, practical improvement. 

I will always be fair and honest in my responses to ensure Teignmouth is a great town to live and work in.  

Teignmouth is a great town to live and work in. 

I am really looking forward to being a councillor to help drive local growth, whilst ensuring the character of the town is not diminished.


MY name is Colin and I am the Heritage Party candidate for Teignmouth Central.

I am passionate about keeping our historic town protected from neglect and demolitions.

I believe that residents and visitors should benefit from the heritage left to us by our ancestors, and not have to spend their time pleading with local authorities to show respect for our views and history.

Above all, I want to support and encourage our vibrant independent small businesses to thrive, especially after being affected by the failure of the local economic administration.


I AM a local dad raising my son here, facing the same issues and concerns as many residents. 

I have 15 years business experience and can bring new ideas & energy to tackle our community challenges. 

Newton Abbot is a growing town that more and more of us are choosing to call home and raise our families in. 

But, our town’s growth means we need proactive approaches to deliver the investment in local services that is needed, and to focus on the day to day things that matter to you. Newton Abbot, like towns up and down the country right now, needs change. 

If you vote for me to be your councillor, I’ll work to make Newton Abbot a better place to live and work


DAVID has served Teignmouth as a councillor for over two decades, including as Mayor of Teignmouth. Always ready to roll up his sleaves to deal with graffiti or vandalism.

He founded and has volunteers for 12 years, a Foodbank charity, helping local families facing difficult times.

David has been very involved with the campaign to save Teignmouth Hospital, with Nina Jefferies, put the Montion to the Council to ‘Save Teignmouth Hospital’

David supports numerous local charities and community groups. David says ‘We must address the housing crisis, particularly for young families. I will oppose big developments on our precious countryside and greenfield sites like Higher Exeter Road.’

David wants to hold South West Water to account about sewage dumped in the River Teign. He got South West Water to deal with the mess left in French Street.


Cllr Alison Eden, an INDEPENDENT, EXPERIENCED councillor & ADVOCATE for all residents, has supported individual residents as a councillor at Teignbridge since 2016. “The most important thing I do is listen and respond to requests for help. Councillors call this ‘casework’ and most happens quietly behind the scenes.”

Requests for help are diverse. Alison has helped people renting from threatening landlords. She has spoken for residents at planning meetings and tribunals. She has liaised with police about drugs, and connected people to essential services.

She says: ‘I ask you to vote for me to represent you because I have ability, EXPERIENCE as a councillor, and the campaigning skills to work effectively on behalf of the community I love.’



SONJA works for a regional horticultural company. 

She also volunteers for the RNLI. She is professionally qualified with the Institute of Personnel and Development.  

She hopes to use her skill to benefit the Council. 

Sonja says: ‘Teignmouth is wonderful place to live. My every day experience involves working with the public, being a good listener.

‘I am passionate about social justice and fairness; indeed it was the unfairness and high-hand attitude of an authority that made me want to stand for Council.

‘If I am lucky enough to be elected, I pledge to be a listening councillor.’


JIMMY believes the council would benefit greatly from an influx of independent faces and fresh ideas. He lives in Teignmouth with his partner, son and dog. He holds an honours degree in Economics, a Post-Grad diploma in IT and an MPhil for research in the motor industry. Running his own tech company, he has presented at conferences around the world including lectures at MIT in Boston.

Following what he describes as some “odd” decisions at Teignbridge Council he researched the process; watching meetings, reading documents and minutes, finding a lamentable lack of transparency and decision making on political party lines. He has lobbied for Teignmouth residents in their fight for fair parking and will represent the town with the same vigour as a Teignbridge Councillor.