New research released today has shown that those heading abroad from the South West are more likely to drive and park at the airport, than any other form of transport.

From a survey of over 2000 people across the country, 39.4 per cent of holidaymakers from the South West said they prefer to use their own car rather than a taxi or other public transport options at the start of their international break.

In fact, only holidaymakers from the East Midlands are more tied to their car as a means of getting to the airport.

One of the main reasons for this choice is reliability and security, with 63.2 per cent of respondents form the South West indicating that it was the certainty of the journey that made it the best option for them.

Cost was also key in the decision on airport transport, with 44.4 per cent of those from the South West saying that it was the most cost effective option.

The research also suggested that the proportion of airport drivers increased the further from the airport they lived. From 27 per cent of holiday makers living less than 20 miles from the airport using their own car, to 82.4 per cent for those living between 21 and 40 miles away.

Peter Brooks, founder of Trusted Travel who conducted the research, has been helping holiday makers with travel plans and airport parking for the last 19 years and said; “There are a range of ways families, groups, couples and solo travellers get to the airport, yet one of the most popular modes of transport remains our own car.

“Our independent research was able to rank holiday makers across the UK in terms of their preference in getting to the airport, with those in the South West one of the most likely to driving themselves.

“In fact, across the country, driving was a preference except in the North West, where travellers preferred taking a taxi (52.2 per cent) and London where the train was the transfer of choice (31.7 per cent).”

Research published by the Transport Network, which aggregated figures from the Civil Aviation Authority, airport booking sites and Google, showed substantial variations in transport methods across the UK.

Their data showed the greatest search volume was for travellers heading to Bristol, with 10.78 per cent of all travellers looking for airport parking. In contrast only 0.83 per cent of those departing from Heathrow plan to use their own car.

“When choosing your transfer method, it is very much a personal choice,” added Brooks. “Whether cost, convenience, availability of public transport or even the time of day your plane leaves – it can all play a part in deciding on your preferred method.

“Understandably, our research also showed a clear relationship between the distance people lived from the airport and an increase in motivation to self-drive, with the optimum distance from the airport being a 21 – 40 mile journey.”

Brooks added; “There are a few tips for finding the best option to start your holiday off on the right foot. Firstly, consider flight time and distance to the airport. The time you must leave your home can dictate your choices.

“Taxis for short journeys can be a great option, however our research suggests that, on average, anything over 20 miles is likely to be more expensive than parking. Although it can vary dramatically depending on where you are and the company you use. 

“To find the best airport parking consider both onsite and off-site options with a shuttle service to save more. Costs and quality can vary so it is recommended booking through an aggregation service that vets its suppliers.

“Finally, areas with good or improving public transport links to the airport, such as trains and buses, although less convenient, can provide a sustainable and comfortable airport transfer option.”

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