ACROSS the nation people are encouraged to wear something pink to work, school, and anywhere else, to show support and raise awareness for breast cancer on October 20.

Well-being in action are a charity dedicated to the well-being of the community and will be holding a ‘Wear It Pink’ event in newton abbot. 

The event will be held at The Golden Lion from 8pm onwards on October 21.

Lindie, from well-being in Action, explained: ‘On a local level, as a charity, we are the one on the front line, dealing with the fallout of people’s breast cancer. 

‘We want to be supporting people who are going through it now, people with breast cancer, who we forget. 

‘We’re all about the research and the long game, but there are people struggling right now that research isn’t going to help.’

People with breast cancer and their families might be struggling in very simple ways, supporting them through local events like this and educating yourself on the topic can make a difference. 

‘It’s great to know we’ve made a difference to someone and enabled their voice to be heard.’

On Friday, October 20th they will be offering free bra measurements, which is an opportunity for people to talk not just about the bra but also about breast cancer. 

“We want to encourage women to come forward to be measured and open opportunities to discuss symptoms and things to look out for.”

Wear it pink is a chance to celebrate life and be entertained while being informed. It’s also a great opportunity for people to meet in the community, with people on the doors ready to strike up a friendly conversation. 

‘Everyone who walks through the door has the potential to change something.’

► Find out more on the well-being in action website.