PART of the ongoing work on essential repairs to Shaldon Bridge is due to be completed tomorrow (Friday).

A progress report on work to the Victorian bridge says work is on schedule although further lane closures will be needed.

Engineers say work has continued out of the estuary water on three of the bridge shutters.

The work is said to be ‘progressing well’ and expected to be completed by tomorrow.

Contractors have also been using barges in the estuary since Christmas and restarting work in the water.

More concrete is due to be poured into each of the bridge columns, two for each column, which will be eight pours in total.

These are due to take place starting early tomorrow (Friday), depending on the weather conditions such as wide speed and temperature.

The second concrete pour for the first column is currently scheduled for early next week, although this will depend on a ‘successful’ first pour today in addition to weather factors.

It is expected the first pour of concrete will be able to be done with only a lane being closed rather than a full closure of the whole bridge.

If this is a success, the same system will be used for the remaining concrete pouring.

As high winds are being forecast for the Teign estuary area, it is hoped work can be carried out during breaks in the weather to pour concrete for the scour repairs.

An inspection of the bridge’s lifting span, including ‘confined space chambers’ is due to be finished on February 2 and 3 which will complete inspection of the bridge structure.

A local lane closure on the bridge is needed for this and highways engineers will ensure this does not clash with the scour repair works should they still be ongoing.

Work on the bridge repairs has been hampered by weather conditions.