SKATERS are being encouraged to have their say on Dawlish skate park.

The town council had launched a bid to find out what skaters themselves want from a park.

Its Skate Park Working Group is calling for anyone who uses the facility to give their views.

A spokesman said: ‘We are approaching schools, colleges and other groups we know who use the park and hope to get us much feedback as possible.’

The plea comes as it has been said the park at Sandy Lane is little used and claims it was ill designed.

One claimed it was ‘hardly used for its purpose’ adding it is ‘a real shame, with the skate park behind you could make this a place where lots of Dawlish youth could hang around and pick up a hobby of skating and skateboarding’.

One user explained that the park was designed by skateboarders, and is unique because it is one of the only skateparks in the county that has a simple and open layout, unlike the generic ‘cookie cutter’ skateparks that are normally put in, with too many obstacles and not enough space.

The Dawlish facility has everything needed to learn to start skating including flat ground, a small bank, a bigger bank, small ledge, big ledge and mini ramp.

However, another user described it ‘one of the worst skateparks I’ve ever used, there is no flow to it.’

The council’s group is looking at improvements to the park and is asking residents to complete the questionnaire to establish how it is currently used and what improvements may be wanted.

To have a say, go to or look at Dawlish Town Council website.