VANDALS have caused damage at a new park on the outskirts of Exminster, just weeks after it was officially opened.

Ridgetop Park has been created as part of the South West Exeter development and opened in June.

But vandals have ripped off new notices and burned some of the tree stumps.

Flytippers have also left rubbish strewn around the area including an abandoned TV, pizza boxes, bottles, crisp papers and other litter.

Broken glass has also been found on the ground along with broken pieces of plastic discarded all around. 

One park user who discovered the rubbish said: I’m so angry about it, I’ve picked up most small bits of litter that could endanger wildlife but afraid the rest is still a mess. 

‘It incomprehensible that anyone could do anything so cruel.’

The matter has been reported to police and the bag of rubbish has been kept as evidence. 

The park is being delivered in phases alongside the South West Exeter development. 

Its entrance is at the junction of Deepway Lane and Matford Lane and can currently only be accessed on foot or by bicycle until a car park has been completed.