A HOUSE caught fire in Dawlish earlier this morning, Tuesday, involved the electricity supply to a boiler.

Fire Control received a call from the occupier of a property shortly before Midnight to say there was a fire inside the house.

One fire engine from Dawlish and one from Teignmouth were sent to deal with the blaze.

A Fire Control spokesperson said: ‘On arrival, crews sent an assistance message and requested a further two fire engines to attend. These came from Teignmouth and Torquay.

‘On investigations, once crews entered the property, it was found to be heavily smoke logged. 

‘Crews got to work with two breathing apparatus wearers and a hose reel jet.  All people were accounted for.

‘The electricity and solar panels were isolated.

‘This was a detached domestic property, measuring approximately 10m by 20m with a fire involving the electricity supply to the boiler on the ground floor.’

The fire was put out using four breathing apparatus wearers, one hose reel jet, a safety jet, a thermal imaging camera and small tools. 

‘A positive pressure ventilation fan was used to clear the property of smoke. 

In a last update at shortly after 4am Fire Control said: '‘The fire caused approximately 25% fire damage and 60% smoke damage to the area. Duty of care was left with the occupier.

‘The cause was accidental.’

FIREFIGHTERS from Dawlish and Teignmouth dealt with a fire at a Dawlish Home overnight on Tuesday.
Pictures: Dawlish Fire Station (March 14, 2023)
(Dawlish Fire Station)

Smoke alarms save lives

WORKING smoke alarms saved this person’s life. They were woken up and were able to save their pets and close doors before evacuating safely. closing doors on a fire can significantly reduce fire spread and property damage.