S Burnett, name and address supplied, writes:

I am writing to you after finding out that the likelihood of Jetty Marsh 2 – the link that was supposed to ease the congestion in Newton Abbot and in tandem with the building going on around the town is now almost certainly not going ahead.

Instead we have a road widening scheme (to spend the funding before it runs out) at Whitehill, a road that cannot cope at current traffic volumes.

More than this though, I am writing about the development at Whitehill at Linden Homes, which has apparently been given approval to go ahead and work will start in a few weeks’ time. How is this so? The residents along the Whitehill road were led to believe this development would only go ahead after Jetty Marsh was built.

Given that the entrance point to the new development at Whitehill by Linden for 200 houses was based upon the plans and part of Jetty Marsh 2, how is this going to work now? This is a major development turning out on to an already very busy A-road with all the associated car movements.

Further, it would put additional pressure on the houses – Whitehill Close and the group of houses next to the Vauxhall garage and make it nigh on impossible for them to turn out.

Plans need to be seen as to how the new revised entrance will work and how this volume of traffic the new estate will generate will affect the A382. I am certain no revised traffic counts or plans have been done and this feels very bodged and rushed through.

Also, who cut down all the trees in the triangle at the junction to Teigngrace by the Vauxhall garage and why? Linden Homes?

Please put this in your paper/tackle TDC and the local councillors. I feel Newton Abbot is sleepwalking into massive traffic issues and they do not realise how such huge scale development will affect them when current transport infrastructure in and around the town can barely cope at current levels.