A DEVON waterfall has been named one of the most beautiful in the country.

Dartmoor’s Becky Falls was named the ninth most impressive waterfall in the country by the team at GO Outdoors.

Among the top 15 most beautiful waterfalls were High Force in County Durham and the Falls of Glomach in Ross-shire.

Becky Falls, or Becka Falls as it was known in years past, is a park attraction in Dartmoor. While the falls are behind an admission, they’re part of a park that features family walks and family activities such as competitions and even a Meet the Meerkats experience.

The falls mark a natural centrepiece as the water cascades over boulders to a roughly 20m drop.

GO Outdoors put together a blog of their top 15 waterfalls, with information about where they are and how they can be accessed, as well as a recommended walk.

GO Outdoor’s recommended walk at Becky Falls for example is a distance of 11.90 kilometres and can be completed in roughly four hours.