TEIGNMOUTH Firefighters will hit the promenade today, Saturday, in support of one their team’s London Marathon effort.

Four of them will be taking part in this morning’s Teignmouth Promenade Parkrun to raise awareness of Crew Manager Joab Forte’s bid to tackle the London Marathon next month, raising funds for an amazing cause, Children with Cancer UK.

It will be Joab’s first marathon and three of the other Firefighters, Josh Boyne, Luke Margrie and Shannon Tomlinson, have also stepped up to support him by running the Virtual London Marathon on the same day.

On their Facebook page Teignmouth Fire Station says: ‘We are very proud of them all, particularly the show of solidarity and support as a team.’

To help raise money three of them joined by a fourth Firefighter, Paul Whitford, will be running the Teignmouth Promenade parkrun this morning, Saturday, wearing fire tunics and leggings.

‘Not only are they much heavier than normal clothes they also keep heat in as well as the designed use of keeping it out.

‘If anyone wants to and is able to support financially then please donate via the below link, if you see them then please show your support, it’s hot just walking in fire kit.

To support Joab’s Marathon visit