THE city life has its appeal, but even the most ardant yuppie would concede that a break is needed from time to time... and what could be better than four days on Dartmoor?

Following in the wake of its successful ‘Farm to City’ event, it was not time for the city to come to the farm, the farm in question being Shallowford Farm of course.

A medieval working hill farm on Dartmoor, Shallowford Farm, which is overseen by the Shallowford Trust, recently welcomed eight families from London for its ‘City to Farm’ event.

Around 60 city dwellers stayed at the farm for four days, mucking in with myriad duties of farm life and otherwise enjoying the surroundings, food and specially laid on events.

Shallowford Farm - 'City to Farm' event

Julia McDade, Shallowford Trust Manager, said: ‘We’re only really still at the beginning, we still have a massive amount of work to to do and what we hope is that more and more children will come, and that, for us, is the most important thing.

‘Events like this are wonderful, but it is the different people coming to the farm week after week that make us.

The Shallowford Trust works with young people from all and every background and various ages, offering a place where conservation and youth work can flourish on a working farm.

The ‘City to Farm’ event saw young people, nnd their families, from Providence House, a youth club at Clapham Junction Station in London, make the trip to the farm for an unforgetable experience.

Director of Providence House, Robert Musgrave MBE, said: ‘It’s 60 years this year since Elizabeth Braund started Providence House as a charity.

‘we’ve been doing a series of events that celebrate those 60 years, and for us this is one of those 60 years.

‘A big part of those 60 years has been bring groups down to the farm and we’ve brought 55 this week, dotted around in different places.

‘Thanks very much for everyone that’s made this possible and all the volunteers that make our work possible.’