A BRIGHT ball of white light thought to be a falling meteor was spotted over Devon's skies this week.

From Ogwell to Buckfastleigh, from Shaldon to Kingsteignton, several residents reported seeing the object in the night sky at around 7.30pm on Wednesday, January 17.

One resident, who took to the Facebook Page, Spotted Newton Abbot, to describe what they had seen, said: 'I can only describe the flames and sparks similar to the bottom of a large rocket but coming down rather than going up.

'I was tracking an aeroplane that was going from London Gatwick to Newquay, which is why I was looking into the sky.

'I was standing in Larksmead way, Ogwell.

'I estimate that when I saw the flame the object was around a fifteen hundred feet and the flame being extinguished at around 500 feet.'

More than 150 people joined the conversation, detailing their experience of seeing the flying object.

'I saw it in Buckfastleigh and it headed south towards Plymouth' one commenter said.

'I was out walking my dog in Ogwell at exactly the time mentioned and saw the same in the sky' another commenter said.

Though not everybody was lucky enough to catch a glimpse... 'why do I always miss these things' one person said, 'would have loved to have seen that' said another.