THE Court Leet and Court Baron met to celebrate the Inspection of Cloth known as St Leonard’s Fair.

The officers, members and guests braved the rain to meet at the British Legion in Marsh Road for refreshments before they started.

The Borough Crier rang her bell and announced the opening of the Cloth Fair. This was followed by statements about the history of the fair.

The Steward then reminded everyone that the company would then visit fine retail establishments to inspect items of cloth, before returning for an auction for benefit of the Portreeve’s.

The establishments visited this year were Percy’s, Austins Bedding, Hannahs Charity Shop, Austins Men’s Ware and Austins Ladies’ Ware.

At each location the Borough Crier announces the speakers.

The Bailiff asks if the presenting person is an employee of this establishment.

They agree and a long list of all the possible Fair cloths is read out and that they should sell at a reasonable price is read out by the reciter.

The Steward requests that you produce an item of your finest cloth, that our Court members may examine the same and give judgment on.

The item is produced with an explanation of the type of cloth including where it made and it is then examined.

The Portreeve then states: ‘The officers and jurors of this ancient borough have examined this sample of your wares and found it sufficient. I therefore hand you this certificate to display within this establishment, to show all and sundry that your merchandise has been approved at St Leonard’s Fair 2022.’

The Portreeve and other members of the Court were delighted with the quality of all the goods sampled this year. Well done to the shops visited.

The courts will be presenting a certificate to the Chair of Teignbridge District Council with the fair toll of seven shillings and six pence which is then very graciously returned to the steward.

At each establishment the representative was ask to sign and at the last retailer the court members were also requested to sign the document.

The company returned to theBritish Legion for warming cups of coffee and an auction was held of cloth items which included tea towels and t-shirts. The profits from this auction of about £60 will be donated to the Portreeve’s charity.

The closing proclamation was then given by the Borough Crier who stated the next event was the Court Meeting to be held on Saturday, December 3 and all shouted – ‘God Save the King’!