A SPECIAL presentation will be made to Teignmouth historian Viv Wilson MBE at her next show in the town.

Viv will be presenting a show celebrating 120 years of Teignmouth’s history at the Teignmouth Pavilions next week on February 11.

Jane Shaddick, granddaughter of World-renowned boat builder Frank Morgan Giles, will be making the presentation.

Viv says: ‘Jane has spent the last few years gathering material for a huge book about his work which really put Teignmouth on the map – ironically making it a target in WWII.’

The book will be available to buy at the end of March.

Jane Shaddick told the Mid-Devon Advertiser: ‘I was introduced to Viv some 30 years ago now, by my late uncle, Christopher Paul Morgan-Giles.

‘Her shows have been and are a shinning example of how to keep a town’s local history & heritage alive.

‘During the past years when we have been researching and prepare this book, Viv has been a constant source of information and encouragement.

‘She has introduced me to many people – including ex Morgan Giles workers- all who have helped make the biography as informative as possible.

‘The Morgan Giles Heritage Project can not thank her enough.

‘The book is currently with the printers, and will be available on Amazon ASAP.

Viv adds: ‘Several members of the Morgan Giles clan will attend the show at the Pavilions (from 2.30pm on Saturday, February 11th).

‘It should feel very special all round and the day before my 77th Birthday too – unbelievable!’

Starting at 2.30pm Viv’s two-hour programme embraces a huge collection of images of Teignmouth over the past 120 years.

The majority have not been shown to the public previously and are interleaved with brief video clips.

Topics included are the ‘Workhouse’ area, schools, famous visitors and locals including our Coastguards of the past. Significant buildings looked at will include Crownwell House at Devon Holiday village which has recently been sold.

The unique Victorian dwelling has a surprising element that few people know about.

Viv will also feature the Teignmouth Cup in a bid to track down its current whereabouts – believed to be in Australia.

It has more significance than people realise and it is time its story was more widely known.

With one month to go, more than one-third of the seats are already booked. When asked when or if she intends to retire, Viv replied she expects to stay in harness for the duration!


For ticket information contact the Pavilions at https://www.pavilionsteignmouth.org.uk or call 01626 249049.