A MUSEUM in Buckfastleigh showcasing a ‘time-capsule’ pub from the 1960’s has reopened.

Once upon a time The Valiant Soldier was an active pub in the South Devon town, but come the late 60’s it closed - never to reopen.

It has since become a museum, with everything inside being as it was from decades ago.

Dubbed ‘the pub where time was never called’, The Valiant Solider allows visitors to step back in time and view money, glasses and, of course, beer from 1965.

Each year, the museum closes its doors from November to February.

The museum opened for the 2024 season on March 27.

It is open every week, Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 3.30pm, until the end of October.

The building that houses the Valiant Soldier dates back to the 1700’s, with the earliest mention of it as a pub in 1813.

Several landlords came and went over the years, before in 1939 the final incumbent, Mark Roberts, became the tenant.