Slow down on moorland roads warn Dartmoor rangers

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Saturday 24th April 2021 7:00 am
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THIS ‘pitiful aftermath’ of a vehicle killing a moorland sheep has been highlighted by Dartmoor Rangers.

The picture was posted on the Dartmoor Rangers’ Facebook page and has received a huge number of comments from people calling for drivers to take more care and slow down.

The Dartmoor National Park Authority has also urged people to heed their campaigns to Love Moor Life.

Along with the picture the Dartmoor Rangers described: ‘The pitiful aftermath of a vehicle hitting and killing a moorland sheep.

‘Her new born lamb is now motherless.

‘Please take extra care when driving on open roads across Dartmoor, especially now, when young livestock are about.’

Dartmoor National Park Rangers declare on their Facebook page their aim is to ‘Help to keep Dartmoor a special place through educating, advising and helping both visitors and local communities.’

A Dartmoor National Park Authority spokesman said: ’We work with partners including the police on a range of measures to try to reduce the amount of animal deaths and injuries on the roads.

‘We also have campaigns such as Love Moor Life that remind people to drive carefully on Dartmoor and to always stick to the 40mph speed limits.

‘But there are still a number of incidents where animals are seriously hurt or die.

‘We are saddened by what we see and will continue to work with the police and the Livestock Protection Officer to try to reduce the amount of animal deaths on Dartmoor.

‘Incidents of sheep worrying, dog attacks and animals hurt in road incidents should be reported to Karla McKechnie, Dartmoor’s livestock protection officer, on 07873 587561.’

Hundreds of people have reacted to the Facebook post.

Heather Stevens said: ‘Slow the hell down!

‘Never hit any living thing in 40 plus years of driving, the appalling lack of driving expertise seen today is due to vehicle performance outstripping the ability of the driver and distractions.

While UK Weather Chase added: ‘This is so sad to see, we’ve been out testing our storm equipment and the amount of road users blasting through the moorland is pretty disappointing. 

‘Slow down guys, what’s the rush, enjoy the views whilst driving the limit. It’s that simple.’

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