JANINE PERYER, of Higher Exeter Road, Teignmouth, writes: 

Port Lorries going over the Higher Exeter Road towards Exeter... After a few Weeks of road closures over the commons road by the golf-course in Teignmouth, we finally have a decent road surface there, at, what I presume, are very high costs to Devon County council and invariably, the tax payers. 

Great, road just re-opened before Easter and the first thing I saw this morning are two enormous port lorries belting over this road, one which almost squeezed me into the hedge. 

Am I misinformed, but is there not a tonnage limit on this road? Time and time again I see these huge lorries belt over the top road towards Exeter full of grains, peat or whatever else. 

Surely the road will buckle under the weight again in no time, as very prone to subsidence there. Can it not be policed? 

A while ago a big stag got run over near the golf course, the culprit who hit it, drove on. I got out the car to see to it and it virtually let out its last breath, as I approached it. I struggled to pull it to the side of the road with no offer of help from other road users. 

I heard a lorry hoot and a driver of one of these lorries shouted out the window: ‘Will you be long as I have a load to deliver’… I rest my case. 

Does anyone know if these lorries are allowed on this road? I know the port vitally important for Teignmouth and previously I  saw the lorries drive via the estuary road. 

Is this top road to Exeter now a rat run? Can anyone shed light on this? Will any councillors do anything about this?