Martin Don Frampton, of Newton Abbot, writes:

Over the years I have seen the gradual expansion of the social use of Decoy Country Park by adults and children until now its locality is being mentioned as an added feature in estate agents’ blurb.

And it’s absolutely true. Its attraction to children with its play area free of dogs, drink and fags has become a must place for children with endless energy for swing and  slides.

For adults chasing dogs and highly mobile children the perambulation round the lake is the best cure for the tensions of the day while for us old codgers the mile round is a great reward to our determination to being the fittest and the oldest in the graveyard.

For the council it all adds to new money from the parking charge.

On a good day they get up to 70 paying customers every few hours from as early as 8am to 6pm and I am sure they know just how much they bank in the average week. Money they never had just a few years ago.

 So I wonder what they do with the money?  I do know what they do not do with it .

They have spent not a farthing on renovating the magnificent pair of gates that welcome visitors to Decoy Country Park. 

They resemble the doors of a long abandoned public lav in the Gorbals, Glasgow. Rust, dust and dirt congeals the glorious ornamental iron work that must have stood there for well over 100 years.

They are a shame on the use of parking charge cash they bank. Our money. The last time a penny was spent on their maintenance must have been in the reign of George V. 

Do we really have to start a charitable appeal to raise the money for a decent renovation job... or would they prefer to sell them off as scrap metal cash?