FLASHBACK to August 17, 1973, and read about what was happening in and around Teignmouth.


Although the sun shone brilliantly, there were only light airs from the south-east on the first day, Saturday, consequently the going was slow, so much so that the courses had to be shortened for all classes. In the open sea race for the Morgan Giles Trophy, the eight yachts only travelled from Teignmouth to the Orestone and back, instead of taking the Exe buoy.

On the 12-mile long course, the seven non IOR rated cruisers had not completed five miles in six hours, and the race was abandoned at the 6 o’clock finishing time. On Tuesday, the Mirrors found themselves in the doldrums under the Ness and were forced to retire.

On Thursday, large crowds lining the eastern Promenade saw the smallest craft win the Cock of the Fleet passenger boat race, Sid Back’s ‘Christine’, which secured the regatta’s Silver Cockerel. The three mile course was towards the Parson & Clerk and back.


The efforts of teams of guests from the hotels to keep the sea from reaching the six King Canutes entertained large crowds on east beach. The Hotels and Caterers’ Association raised six teams of about 100 guests, mainly children, with many more cheering them on. The Kings were all dressed in costume, wearing robes and crowns, sitting on thrones in circular sand pits.

The teams had to keep the waves from wetting the Kings’ feet. On this occasion, however, the tide did not come in as quickly as expected, and the competition was decided by the waves topping the defences.


A petition of 1,000 signatures was received by the Urban Council asking for the pool to be covered, but the estimated cost of £100,000 was prohibitive. There were 70 suggestions, some cheeky. A Birmingham letter asked ‘Provide an extra half yard of canvas on the deck chairs!’

Band instruments, costing £3,000 to £5,000 were turned down as there were no instrumentalists to whom the grant could be given. Other suggestions included: Roof over a street with glass to provide an arcade: Construct a theatre on the end of the pier: Provide a multi-storey car park: Install a suitable building with a Wurlitzer cinema organ.


If at first you don’t succeed, you’ll probably have more friends. Those who make the worst use of their time most complain of its shortness. True eloquence consists of saying all that is necessary, and nothing more. He that is doing nothing is seldom without helpers.


In Bishopsteignton, permission has been given for the bell from the old school to be moved to the new school. The old school canteen was to be retained for the se of Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides.


In ‘Summer Showtime’ at the Carlton Theatre is the girls’ brilliant and unique double ventriloquist act of Sugar and Spice, with their enormous dog Mr Pepper. Sugar and Spice went straight into show business after leaving school. They have several television appearances, such as Opportunity Knocks. They have travelled extensively on the Continent, as far as Turkey.


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