SUSAN CANN, of Hopes Close, Teignmouth, writes:

Please Teignmouth councillors will you please rethink your stance on this hub, costing £10 million or more!

It has no advantage to Teignmouth people at all! It is merely for the doctors of two surgeries (a third surgery not wishing to join them) who are already practicing in very good surgeries.

Perhaps your thinking is that we would be able to see a doctor more easily in a new building?!

Since Covid, it has become increasingly difficult to see a doctor, the Practice Nurse is the one you see.

There are many clinics held in Teignmouth Hospital, but in the hub, only a few clinics will be held, so we are told that we will have to travel to Dawlish to attend. How is this an advantage to us?

A small Physiotherapy Department therein? No advantage to us, we have a large modern Physiotherapy Department in Teignmouth Hospital! We are also made aware that numerous parking spaces will be lost.

Perhaps somebody would be so kind and explain to us what advantages this super priced hub is to us, because from where I’m sitting, there are no advantages at all.