A BRAND new fruit and vegetable shop has opened in Newton Abbot.

Located along East Street, near to the Union Inn, East Street Fruit & Veg opened its doors on Friday, July 5.

There’s onions, there’s potatoes, carrots, one of which appeared to have legs and was seen wandering around, leeks, broad beans and all manner of fruit - lemons, limes, apples, berries of various kinds and so on.

The bulk of the stock is going to be sold loose - it also stocks fresh eggs.

Open from 8am, the shop was opened by owner Kevin Smyth, who prides himself on stocking the shelves with the freshest possible produce.

It was on his travels to different shops while working for Torbay Fruit Sales when the idea came to Kevin about opening his own fruit and vegetable shop.

‘I delivered to a shop in Brixham and I remember thinking - “they have nailed this”’ Kevin said.

‘If they can do it there, I can do it here!’ he added.

A business development manager in a past life for such brands as Jack Daniels and Smirnoff, Kevin owned a Torquay bar, turning into the town’s first cocktail bar, known today as Soho.

For the opening, Kevin roped in a friend of many years, Steve, pictured left, to help advertise Newton Abbot’s newest fruit and veg shop.

One assumes the carrot costume was a part of this advertising push, but perhaps it is just how Steve dresses on a Friday.

We cannot be sure.