Leaving EU would cause 'unnecessary ten years of pain and suffering' says Lib Dem Cllr

By Richard Whitehouse   |   Local Democracy Reporter   |
Thursday 23rd June 2016 11:27 pm
REMAIN: Martin Wrigley

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LIBERAL DEMOCRAT Dawlish Town councillor and ‘Remain’ campaigner, Martin Wrigley, has expressed his concerns if the UK decided to leave the EU.

‘Well if we vote out and leave the EU yes we could globally, as a nation, recreate our relationships with the rest of the world, of course trade would carry on, of course the world would continue but it would be harder, it would take us maybe 10 years to reconstruct what we have and probably cost as much, so why would we bother, why would we do that?

‘It would be an unnecessary ten years of pain and suffering, when we should be doing more important things,’ Cllr Wrigley said.

He explained why we wanted the country to remain in the European Union: ’I want us to stay in, absolutely, but i also want to see some of the things about the EU that don’t work particularly well fixed.

‘I want to see more understanding of what happens in Europe,I want to see better communication between Westminster and Brussels.’

‘I want to see a Europe that is relevant to people who are here,’ he added.


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