HAVING received reports of door-to-door sellers in Chudleigh, police have issued a warning to residents.

The neighbourhood police team responsible for Ashburton and Chudleigh have issued advice to residents of Chudleigh following reports of door-to-doors sellers being active in the town.

'The person reporting said that a male with a holdall approached him trying to sell cleaning products from the holdall' a spokesman for the team said.

'He was told that the male had come out of prison couldn't get a job and was trying to support himself.

'We have also heard that people claiming to be ex servicemen have also been going door to door claiming to be down on their luck and trying to e support themselves' the spokesman added.

The Police team went on to say:

'The goods being sold are much more expensive than in a shop and are often of poor quality.

'We are concerned that the more vulnerable in our communities could be taken advantage of and pay far more for the goods than they are worth.

'Many of these sellers are from out of Devon and Cornwall and do not have a licence to go door to door selling goods.

'Please do not mistake any form of ID card as a licence, these can be easily made up on a computer and should not be taken as any form of identification.

'Our advice is not to buy anything in this manner and give a polite but firm no thank you.

'If you receive any threats or pressure from the seller we advise you call the Police straight away.'