ONCE upon a time in a faraway land there was the tiny village of Denbury, peaceful, prosperous and rich in romance and tradition where ladies and gentlemen at Bramble Down nursing home were treated to a performance of Cinderella.

Family, friends and Mabel, a black and tan Dachshund, gathered at the care home on Thursday, December 14, for the performance, which was the first of its kind for residents and staff alike.

Bramble Down’s manager, Kim Newitt, who played the role of the Fairy Godmother, said: ‘It’s the first time we’ve done a pantomime, but we will do it every year now!

‘The staff have put this on for the resdietns, they brought in the costumes and our residetns helped create the sets.

Eleven performers took to the stage just after two o’clock, entertaining the majority of Bramble down’s 32 resdietns, some of whom could not make the performance as they were to unwell.