No glitter, Teignbridge Council warns people on Christmas card recycling

Sunday 2nd January 2022 8:00 am

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AS residents in Devon admire their collection of Christmas cards on window sills and shelves, many will be hoping to do their bit for the environment, after Twelfth Night, by putting them in recycling bins.

But most councils in the county are warning people to think twice before disposing of cards, as many of them may not be recyclable.

One local authority has even said it won’t accept any Christmas cards at all in its green bins. 

The problem is that many Christmas cards are made of more than just paper. 

Simple cards without glitter or foil can be put with other paper and cardboard but those with anything metallic will be turned away.

Local authorities say they do not want to discourage recycling but are giving strict instructions on how it should be done.

Teignbridge District Council also makes a clear distinction between what will and will not be acceptable. 

‘We can recycle Christmas cards with cardboard provided they do not contain foil or glitter,’ they said.

Mid Devon District Council is even more specific but is also keen to encourage recycling where possible. A spokesperson said: ‘Cards can be recycled in your green recycling box.’

But the statement goes into more detail: ‘Please make sure there are no cards with glitter or embellishments as they are not recyclable and should be put in general waste.’

Estimates suggest around 16 million Christmas cards are received every year by people in Devon.


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