A NEW stop smoking service in Devon has been launched, picking up the previous stop smoking support delivered by the OneSmallStep service, which has now ended.

Stop For Life Devon is the name of the new service, being provided by ICE Creates. It will provide specialist behavioural support and stop smoking products (such as nicotine replacement therapy and e-cigarettes) to smokers looking to quit.  

The service will also provide free specialist training and support to community stop smoking advisors and wider workforces.

If you’re interested in stopping smoking, you can contact Stop for Life Devon on 0800 123 3866 or email [email protected] and friendly coaches will guide you through the free support available.

The previous OneSmallStep service has been effective at supporting many people to quit smoking and the new stop smoking service will build on its success and contribute towards the aspirations set out in the new Smokefree Devon Alliance strategy.

Steve Brown, our Director of Director of Public Health, Communities and Prosperity, said: 'Reducing harm caused by tobacco is a public health priority in Devon, so we are looking forward to working with ICE Creates to continue to offer an effective service that listens and adapts to the needs of local people.'

Stuart Jackson, Chief Executive of ICE Creates, said: 'We are delighted to have been awarded the contract to support the people of Devon to stop smoking.

'Smoking has a detrimental impact on both health and wellbeing and we are committed to ensuring that our service reaches and supports those with the greatest need. We will be working in the heart of communities, alongside existing community groups and organisations, as we develop and deliver a service that truly meets the needs of the population.'

ICE Creates values the input of local partners and will therefore be approaching organisations over the next few months to co-create the new service, so it is tailored to the needs of Devon and the people it hopes to reach.

Other support that has been available through OneSmallStep – helping people to maintain a healthy weight, be more active, and to reduce their alcohol consumption – is still important to us.  People looking for help on wider health and wellbeing goals like these can access ICE Creates lifestyle coach and tracking app called ‘Best-You’.

► Help is also available via the national NHS website ‘Better Health’  www.nhs.uk/better-health, which has lots of information and tools to help support health behaviour changes.

► For more information contact Public Health Devon on 01392 383000 or email [email protected]