NEW Mayor of Dawlish Lin Goodman-Bradbury tried out a new form of travel as part of events to celebrate National Shopmobility Awareness. 

Cllr Goodman-Bradbury had the chance to take a ride on a mobility scooter, one of a fleet available from Dawlish Community Transport.

The charity was showcasing its work during the Turn The Tide event on the Lawn in Dawlish. 

Office manager Sally Preston explained: ‘It shows community transport does more than just driving cars. ‘We showed just a couple of the mobility scooters we hire out in the wider community and introduced the new Mayor to just one element of the services we operate.’

Dawlish Community Transport was one of many charities on the Lawn over the weekend and it was a chance for the organisation to bring awareness to its wide provision and what is available through the provision of transport and equipment. 

Sally said: ‘As well as community cars and minibuses, a very popular arm for the charity is our fleet of mobility scooters, wheelchairs and shopping trolleys available to residents and visitors to the Dawlish area.’

Many visitors coming to the town on holiday book in advance, hiring equipment so they don’t have to travel with their own. 

Residents recovering from surgery or injury also borrow items for a period of time. 

The charity’s delivery and collection service is popular while others go to the charity’s office to hire equipment for getting around. 

Sunday also celebrated National Volunteers Week and the launch of the charity’s Fundraiser Raffle; raising money for a new fully adapted car to support the hundreds of journeys undertaken every year to and from hospital, medical and wellbeing appointments.

Anyone wanting to find out more, hire equipment or buy a raffle ticket, can call into the office in Barton car park or call 01626 888890.