A RETIRED teacher is looking to hand over his collection of lovingly restored classic cars to a new owner. 

Frank Loft, now in his 70s, set up Moretonhampstead Motor Museum in 2012, but he has now taken the ‘difficult and emotive’ decision to sell up.  

While he is looking forward to his ‘second’ retirement, Frank hopes someone with a similar passion and drive will take the museum on and develop it future. 

If a new custodian is not found by mid July, then it is likely the collection will be auctioned off later this year. 

The museum began after Frank sold his residential school in Dawlish in 2008 which was when, he says, his ‘affliction’ for collecting cars began. 

He bought a property in Kingsteignton and filled it with vehicles.

But as the collection grew, he moved into an additional barn before taking a ‘leap of faith’ and buying the 1930s Art Deco Style former bus depot which houses the Moretonhampstead museum today.

When it opened, there were 70 vehicles, but over the years, the museum expanded and the collection grew significantly. 

It is now home to more than 150 historic cars and motor bikes and as well as the main collection, Frank has a range of artefacts and memorabilia. 

Frank says he thanks everyone who has contributed to the success of the project and all those who have enjoyed visiting. 

The museum remains open until at least the end of August. 

The sale will be as two elements; the building, potentially for other uses, and the collection sold separately.