MP says ‘now is not the time to replace Prime Minister’

By Nick Knight   |   Editor   |
Thursday 14th April 2022 6:17 am
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Anne Marie Morris, Conservative MP for Newton Abbot
MP Anne Marie Morris says now is not to eh time to replace Prime Minister. (MP’s office )

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MP Anne Marie Morris, who has in the past called for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign, says now is not the time to replace the beleaguered leader.

The Newton Abbot MP said: ‘There is no argument now that the ‘Partygate’ behaviour was wrong, and politicians need to be held accountable for their actions. More will emerge as the police finish their work and the civil service finish theirs.

While I was among the first to call for the Prime Minister’s resignation lodging a letter with the Chairman of the 1922 Committee, that was in different times.’

This comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak were fined for attending a party in No 10 during lockdown.

But Ms Morris says: ‘Now we are at war. While Prime Ministers have been removed and replaced during wartime, that should only be done if given all the circumstances it is in our national interest as a country.

Right now, we are at a critical point in the war in Ukraine – the fight for the Donbas and continued defence of Ukraine.

The next six to eight weeks are critical, and one thing is clear.

The PM has a key role on the world stage, trusted and respected, most importantly by President Zelenskyy himself.

That matters. These relationships will be crucial now. Changing people means new relationships – and they take time to build. Ukraine does not have that time.

When the battle for the heart and soul of Ukraine is lost or won, that is the time to reflect on the right and just response to Partygate by which time we should be in full possession of the facts.

That is the time when the PM should be held to account.’


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