DRIVERS in Teignbridge are being urged to be extra vigilant for deer on the road now the clocks have gone back.

Deer are regularly seen in the woods around Telegraph Hill and there are warning signs along the A38.

National Highways and the British Deer Society are warning drivers to be on thr lookout for animals.

There is generally a substantial increase in vehicle collisions with deer from October to December.

Poorer driving conditions and fewer hours of daylight, coupled with the annual breeding, or rutting, season make this a high risk time of year.

Research over the years by the DeerAware campaign has also found that the risk increases after the clock change at the end of October.

This is because drivers find themselves more likely to be on the road when deer are most active from sunset to midnight and the hours shortly before and after sunrise.

National Highways Head of Road User Safety Jeremy Phillips said: ‘As the clocks go back, journeys may feel different for many drivers even on familiar routes.

‘This time of year we see an increase in the number of deer collisions and our advice is to take care while driving and look out for deer.’