ROADWORKS have caused traffic gridlock in Torquay Road, Newton Abbot, this week.

One resident called the Mid-Devon Advertiser to say they had received no warning that the traffic lights would be going up in the street on the A381 Torquay Road, near Forde Park, first thing on Monday morning.

Town councillor Mike Joyce said: ‘This is one of the arterial routes through the town, closing off a lane like this for seven days is causing chaos.

‘As far as I’m aware we were given no warning of this.

‘I’ll be taking this up with BT Openreach.’

Another driver called the paper to say they feared there must have been an accident as traffic was moving so slowly through the town and they were very angry to hear that it was as a result of traffic lights going up in one of Newton Abbot’s main routes.

BT OpenReach have been contacted for a comment.....