KNITTERS in Dawlish have described as ‘soul destroying’ the latest theft of their Yarn Bombs.

The crochet and knitting, which is created to decorate the town, is the work of the Knitty Noras of Dawlish.

But their efforts to brighten up Dawlish for this year’s carnival have been blighted by the theft of three of their iconic post box toppers.

One which was specially made to mark the 50th anniversary of the carnival pram race has been removed from the top of the post box in The Strand.

It featured yellow ducks to mark the carnival duck race as well as dozens of crochet squares which had been made by a woman with dementia.

Now, organisers have vowed there will be no postbox toppers put up during holiday season as this is when thefts occur.

A spokesman for the Noras said: ‘We are extremely upset and outraged.

‘Do people not realise that this is a criminal offence? ‘We’re now looking into CCTV footage.

‘This was hours of work for no money to cheer up our community.

‘Part of this was created by an old lady with dementia’

‘Shame on those who did this on our Carnival Pram Race night.

‘We are devastated.’

It was also pointed out that the yarn bombs raise money for local charity Assist Teignbridge.

A spokesman for Dawlish Celebrates Carnival said: ‘Unfortunately, some of the yarn bomber’s displays have been stolen or removed, including the 50th pram race topper.

‘Can you please return them as people have worked hard on these and would like them back.’

Shirley Fewings, of Assist Teignbridge, added: ‘So sorry to hear this, especially as people can make an offer to buy an item.

‘I know how much passion, time and planning goes in to organising the yarn bombs.

‘Don’t lose heart, you bring a smile to so many faces.’

The theft has been condemned by residents who described it as ‘absolutely disgusting’ and ‘vile’.

Yarn bombing, which has become a national care, took off in Dawlish at the beginning of the pandemic.

Since then, it has been decorating the town, particularly on special occasions such as Eastern Christmas, Remembrance Day and more recently the death of the Queen and the Coronation of King Charles.