Bishopsteignton Primary School pupils wanted to ‘Make a Difference’.

In these challenging times, it is always good to know you have ‘made a difference’ to the lives of others who are less fortunate than yourselves. This has been the focus of the Harvest celebrations at Bishopsteignton Primary School as they joined together with the local HITS charity to help others in need.

Families and children of the school and preschool donated an impressive collection of food and other important items. The children also reflected on the important themes of harvest and their school value of ‘empathy’:

‘Our school gives food to HITS - an amazing charity - who gives food to lots of different people in need! By bringing one item it is still making a difference,” said 11-year-old Ed.

Chloe, who is eight, also added: ‘The Harvest Festival is a time for the farmers to gather their crops and for everyone to celebrate how much food we have. It’s important to make a difference so the world will be a happier place and less people will struggle to find what they need.’

‘The idea of “making a difference” has really enthused our kind and considerate children,’ said headteacher Dave Killoran who is pictured with some members of the school council.

‘It has been a pleasure to once again support the HITS charity whose volunteers do so much for local people in crisis or need.’