A JEALOUS boyfriend has been jailed for ruining 200 items of his partner’s clothing with fake tan during a savage attack on her in a holiday chalet at Dawlish Warren.

Edward Hodgkinson spent two hours shouting abuse at the woman before he punched and hit her, dragged her by her hair and stamped on her head in full view of other tourists.

He caused a total of £6,200 damage to her clothes and to electronic items which he wrecked by cutting their power leads during the attack at Dawlish Warren.

The couple, who had been together for seven years, were regular visitors to the chalet at the Golden Sands park and were on holiday from their home in Rochdale when he carried out the attack on June 1.

Shocked holidaymakers heard him calling her a whore and a slag during a two hour argument before he attacked her, dragged her outside, kicked and punched her and stamped on her head.

Ms Higgins fled and took refuge with other campers while Hodgkinson went on to attack the park warden, who went to try to calm him down.

He has now been banned from going back to the holiday park or to Ms Higgins’s home in Rochdale by a restraining order.

Hodgkinson, aged 52, previously of Rochdale but now of no fixed address, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm, battery, and criminal damage and was jailed for a year and four months by Recorder Mr David Chidgey at Exeter Crown Court.

He told him: 'You damaged 200 pieces of clothing and demonstrated very determined and vengeful behaviour. You also assaulted the warden, who was only doing his job.

'These offences arose out of a jealous rage and illustrated a horrendous piece of bullying of your former partner.

'You dragged her by her hair, threw her across the room, punched and hit her all over her head and body.

'That was not enough for you and you stamped on her forcefully three times.

'She said she thought she was going to be killed.

'Before the attack, you were seen walking around the holiday park saying you were going to kill someone.'

Miss Beth Rickerby, prosecuting, said the total amount of damage was estimated at £6,200 and included items of clothing which had fake tan poured on them.

Ms Higgins was left with a large bruise on her forehead and heavy bruising to her upper body and arms.

The camp warden was not injured but said Hodgkinson was drunk and aggressive and he feared for his safety if he was allowed to return.

Mr Daniel Pawson-Pounds, defending, said the injuries were not as severe as are seen in some cases and the attack itself was spontaneous and unplanned.

The argument may have lasted for two hours but the violence was short-lived.

He said his client’s problems started after the break-up of a 25-year-long marriage and he is keen to work with probation and attend an anti-domestic violence course.

He said: 'He is deeply sorry for his actions and appreciates that what he did was utterly wrong.

'He accepts that his relationship with the victim is over.'