Anne Came was one of many Teignbridge folk who made the trip to London to see the Queen lying in state.

She wants to contact some ‘guardian angels’ who looked after her while she was queueing for hours on end.

Anne, from Liverton, said: ‘I was lucky enough to go to the Lying-in-State of the Queen, on Thursday, September. 15

‘I had previously attended the same event for the Queen Mother, so as I had walked for her, I wanted to walk for her daughter.

‘I left Newton Abbot railway Station at 9.54am on Thursday, and returned at 11.45pm the same day.

‘Throughout the whole day I met nothing but overwhelming kindness, (I am a bit lame and use a walking stick), and did the whole trip with the exception, at the very end on Lambeth Bridge, when my wonderful helpers (all total strangers) decided that I needed official help.

‘I was issued with a yellow wrist band by one of the blue coated stewards, and was helped the remainder of the walk.

‘I  now desperately want to contact the people who helped me as far as Lambeth Bridge, (to my shame I did not take their names).

‘However the who lady did most of the “heavy lifting” shared my birthdate, November 22, though not the year! She also knew exactly where we were on all parts of the walk, so I think lived in London.

‘It was this lady who handed me over to the official helpers, and I thank her so much, for ignoring my insistances that I was fine.

‘I would not have completed the walk for at least another two hours, missed my train home, and would have had to spend a night at Paddington Station, as I had had to do after the funeral of the Queen Mother.

‘Can anyone help in tracing the group?

‘They knew that I came from Devon, and that I was 80 years old on November 22nd.

‘If anyone knows, please call me on 01626 821547