THOUSANDS of teens are setting up camp in Okehampton today in preparation for tomorrow’s arduous Ten Tors challenge.

A sea of tents for as far as the eye can see, groups of excited participants rushing around and helicopters flying over-head set the scene for this blistery cold Friday afternoon on the moors.

The rain is out in full force but is not dampening the young people’s spirits, who were busy planning their strategies and getting their kits together.

Hannah Russell, from Newton Abbot College, said: “I’m really, really nervous, but also excited”, and with Ten Tors being one of the biggest outdoors adventure events for young people in Britain, it’s easy to see why.

Hannah and her friends, Beatrice Mitchell and Jessica Ruston had all previously done the challenge two years ago.

The girls were anxiously waiting for the scrutineering process of their kit getting checked, Beatrice, also from Newton Abbot College said: “there’s a lot more pressure once you actually get here”.

Despite the pressure, there was certainly a sense of overwhelming confidence permeating throughout the campsites.

First-timer Josh Evans, from Coombeshead Academy, said: “I’m nervous but we’ve done all the training, have all the kit and the maps, we know we can do this”. With all the teens radiating positivity, this year’s Ten Tors challenge is already set up for success.