THE FULL list of candidates contesting seats on the upcoming general election has now been released. 

Nominations have closed for the two Teignbridge seats, Central Devon and Newton Abbot, as the UK prepares to head to the polls on Thursday July 4. 

Devon’s constituencies will be hotly contested and pollsters are predicting many seats could change party.

In Newton Abbot, the list is: Jacob Cosens (Lab), Annaliese Cude (Volt UK – the Pan-European party), Christopher Hilditch (Reform UK), Anne Marie Morris (Con), Liam Mullone (South Devon Alliance), Andre Sabine (Heritage Party), Martin Wrigley (Lib Dem), Pauline Wynter (Green).

Anne Marie Morris (Con) won the seat in 2019 with a 17,501 majority. 

In Central Devon: Jeffrey Leeks (Reform UK), Ollie Pearson (Lab), Arthur Price (Ind), Mel Stride (Con), Gill Westcott (Green), Mark Wooding (Lib Dem).

The seat was held by Mel Stride (Con), an MP since 2010 with a 17,721 majority.