A PERSONAL trainer who used his strength to overpower and rape two women has been jailed for 14 years.

Justin Reeve attacked his first victim after she invited him into her home to give her advice on a fitness plan and raped the second after meeting her on a dating website.

A judge at Exeter Crown Court praised the courage of the two victims after hearing their harrowing accounts of how their lives have been blighted by the horror of the attacks.

Recorder Mr Don Tait also banned Reeve from having sex with any woman after his release unless they have been told of his past by his police offender manager.

Six foot-tall, 18 stone Reeve told one woman: 'You don’t say no to me. If I want it, I do it.'

Before forcing her onto a bed. He slapped the other before forcing her to take part in a series of humiliating sex acts against her will.

Reeve, aged 44, of Woodland Close, Torquay, denied four counts of rape but was found guilty at a trial in February. He was jailed for 14 years with a five year extended licence.

He declared him to be a danger to women and imposed an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order which requires him to put any future potential partner in touch with the police so they can be warned about him.

After jailing Reeve, the judge spoke to the two victims, who had both read their harrowing personal statement at the sentencing hearing.

He told them: 'You both showed great courage in going to the police and coming to court to give evidence against this dangerous man.

'I have no doubt, having listened to your personal statements, that his behaviour has had dreadful effects on your lives.

'I hope the sentencing today will give you some closure.'

Mrs Nicki Coombe, prosecuting, said the first woman was a client of Reeve who was raped at her home after inviting him there to help her draw up an exercise plan in 2017.

She kept her weights in her bedroom and he sat on her bed before pinning her down and raping her. She went to the police at the time but was too traumatised to take the case to court.

Reeve struck again after meeting a stranger on a swinger’s website and inviting her back to his caravan. They started having consensual sex but he then became violent and slapped her. 

He then forced her to have sex in ways she found painful and humiliating while ignoring her pleas to stop.

Mr Daniel Pawson-Pounds, defending, said the slaps were the only gratuitous violence used and the rapes did not fall into the worst sentencing category.