A PARISH council on Dartmoor is inviting members of the public to bid for a Licence to graze sheep in one of its fields.

Widecombe Parish Council is offering a licence to graze sheep in the Parish Field from March to November and is inviting bids for this grazing.

The field is to be planted with apple trees in wire guards which is why only sheep are to be grazed.

There will be a minimum of three two-week periods in the year when the field must be clear of sheep – this is for events being held by the Jubilee Orchard Committee.

It should be noted that there may not be a water supply in the field, in which case the licensee will be responsible for providing a trough and heeping it replenished; the licensee will also be required to prove valid current Public Liability Insurance.

A copy of the licence will be available after the January 26 council meeting.

Expressions of interest are welcome and should be made to Suzanna Hughes, who is contactable on - [email protected]