PUPILS at Bishopsteignton Primary School went to the polls with the rest of the country.

A ballot to vote for ‘Pupil Prime Ministers’ was held alongside the general election.

Year Five pupils were given the chance to put forward their ideas and views on school issues, such as improving break times and lunchtimes. All other children in the school listened to their presentations and then voted for who they wanted to be their ‘Pupil PM’. 

A spokesman for the school said: ‘Forget the general election, the children had to decide on who they wanted to be their Pupil Prime Ministers. Serious stuff.

‘Democracy is one of the British values taught in all schools and the children at Bishop already have a very good idea of what this looks like.

‘They are frequently consulted on their views and ideas and these are used to shape and influence whole school decisions.’

Year Four pupil Courtney said she thought is was a great idea.

She said: ’It’s fair because we get to vote for our Pupil Prime Minister while our parents vote for their PM.’

With 30 per cent of the votes, Ruby and Maia were voted in as the new Pupil Prime Ministers and will now help the adults make some big decisions at the school over the next half term.